Crete Yearly Weather Summary

The island of Crete enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with very little variation.


Rainfall drops off rapidly during spring in Crete. Spring usually begins in April, and continues its journey till the following month. The regular maximums get rapidly into the low 20’s, though nighttime lows remain cool. Sunshine levels increase to six hours for each day in April and reaches approximately eight hours in May.


During summer, which beings in June and lasts till September in Crete, the average maximum temperature of the island stands at the high 20’s. Although the nighttime temperature is also high, the low levels of humidity, keep the temperature nicely bearable. However, in the peak months, the temperature may often fluctuate between the mid 30’s and low 40’s. The season sees more than twelve hours of sunshine each day, especially in the months June, July and August.


Autumn in Crete begins in October and lasts till mid November. Air temperature stays around the mid to high 20’s during the earlier days of autumn and gradually falls as the season progresses. Nights are cooler and begin to feel damp as the temperature falls. The island  receives five or six hours of daily sunshine throughout the autumn.


Although winter in Crete, from December till March, is mild, it can be wet and gusty. Daytime maximums usually stand around 16ºC; falling below 10ºC at night but rarely does it goes below 5ºC. It is not unusual to see snow on the mountains from late November onwards.